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6 November 1987
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The Girl Behind The Journal

Kaiba (n); Defined as a 20 year old female. She has a bad attitude and a low tolerance for bullshit. She tends to write fanfiction of the yaoi kind, and if this bothers you, GTFO KTHNX. Yugioh, Yugioh GX and Yugioh Abridged Are her Gods. She will bow. That is all.

Friends Only, FTMFW

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Why Burstinatrix...Why Not Dark Magician Girl?

I haven't been on Live-Journal in a long time. My last REAL account name on here was ...I don't even remember, I'd made a few failed attempts to come back a few months ago, but decided that it was time to get something I'm going to keep. Finally I've decided to return; which brought me here, and to the username "Burstinatrix." named after the Yugioh card "Elemental Hero Burstinatrix," The single sexiest Elemental Hero. She's 1200ATK/800DEF, but she'll still kick your ass. KTHNX.

Want To Have Phone Sex? Not.

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